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Designed for large spaces and gatherings, the X Series 30 customizable smokeless fire pit is the go-to for the entertainers. With a SearPlate™ rim nearly twice the size of any we’ve built before, and dual Outpost™ grill attachment capabilities (fits both the Outpost™ 24 and Outpost 19™ grill), it’s optimal for cooking in large quantities.

Cooking, relaxing, s’mores making, you name it, the X30 is the prime anchor for your space whether you insert it into your patio coping for some lux you-time or enjoy an evening outdoors with your many friends.

  • Smokeless Technology – Using X Airflow™ technology and double-wall convection, Breeo fire pits burn their own smoke so you have more flame and less tears.
  • Group Size – The X30 is the perfect size for you and 8 to 12 of your pals. 
  • Choose Your Aesthetic – Customize for your fire pit to fit the vibe of your space. Choose between sleek Stainless Steel and industrial Corten, which develops a reddish patina over time.
  • SearPlate™ Rim or Standard Rim? – Both the SearPlate™ rim and Standard rim are compatible with the Outpost™ adjustable grill, but if you want to cook right on your fire pit, the SearPlate™ rim lets you sear steak, burgers, or toast bread while your other food cooks on the Outpost™ grill. The SearPlate™ rim takes your live fire cooking up a notch (or 10). 
  • The Breeo Ecosystem – Choose the accessories and packages to fit your lifestyle. From the Insert Ring to the Firemaster Package, you can maximize your smokeless fire pit experience. Steaks, seafood, tofu. You name it, you can cook it on the Breeo. Whether you opt for a SearPlate™ or an attachable Outpost Grill, Breeo smokeless fire pits are designed to be the go-to for live fire cooking.