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Long-blooming, pet-friendly Canna Cannova® Bronze Orange is a vibrant heat- and humidity-loving Canna Lily, with spectacular flowers in saturated fiery orange. The foliage vies with the blossoms for attention, its broad, tropical leaves in deep, plummy bronze tones. This Canna Lily variety is a perennial in warm regions, a tropical annual in cooler regions, and grows well in containers or as a backdrop in your beds. Plant the Canna Cannova® Bronze Orange in full sun and enjoy repeat performances of its riotous color from summer until fall.

Cannas are tropical and subtropical bulbs from the Americas that are invaluable to the garden in summer and autumn. The flowers range from complex and colorful to simple and subtle, and their large leaves grow from 4–10′. Provide a warm spot in the sun (at least half a day) and regular watering. Rhizomes may be dug to spend winter indoors in cold climates.